Sideline Chatter: They might find it's money well spent to pay him not to coachFebruary 4, 2018 9:46am

Feb. 02-- Checks, please.

Fired Arkansas coach Bret Bielema will receive 37 monthly installments of $322,567.57 through Dec. 31, 2020 as called for his in buyout, the Hogs' support foundation announced.

Final score: Greenbacks $11,935,000, Razorbacks 0.



-At "Report: NCAA considering death penalty for NCAA."

-At NFL Memes on Facebook: "1-31: Happy Hue Jackson Day!"


Crying in your beer

Dogfish Head's new beer-called In Your Mace!-is brewed with chili oils, the active ingredient in pepper spray.

Finally, a beer so good it brings a tear to your eye.


Peeling off some green

Adam Stalmach, 24, stripped and flailed around on the 17th green before a practice round at the Waste Management Phoenix Open last Wednesday.

He faces charges of indecent exposure, disorderly conduct and improper waist management.


Points, counterpoints

Fontbonne of St. Louis beat Greenville (Ill.) 164-154 in overtime Wednesday night, breaking the NCAA Division III record for combined points.

In other words, they scheduled a D-III men's basketball game, and the NBA All-Star Game broke out.


Higher Call Dept.

Spotted on the reader board at Crossroads Community Church in Carver, Mass.: "The Bible mentions Eagles 33 times and the GOAT 42. Patriots win by 9."


Mission accomplished

Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey is facing a third-degree robbery complaint for allegedly taking an Uber driver's $15 phone charger.

Probably not the way he had in mind, but he did get charged, right?


Truth in advertising

LeBron James would consider playing for Golden State next season if the NBA powerhouse can offer him a max contract, ESPN reported.

In related story, they also plan to scrap the "Warriors" moniker and replace it with "Western Conference All-Stars."


Hey, bettor, bettor

The American Gaming Association says Americans will wager $4.76 billion on Super Bowl LII.

If that's a prop bet, we're taking the over.


A little overboard

Talking about experiencing a roughwater paddling.

A Japanese kayaker landed an eight-year ban for spiking his rival's drink.


Talking the talk

-NBC's Jimmy Fallon, on the man who broke a Guinness world record by walking barefoot on a 120-foot path of loose Legos: "This beats the old record set by every dad getting up to use the bathroom at night."

-Patriots coach Bill Belichick, to reporters, when asked the difference between this Super Bowl and his previous seven: "This one is in Minnesota."


The hills are alive

Switzerland's Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts will offer bachelor's and master's degrees in yodeling, starting in the 2018-19 academic year.

So what's next, a Lit minor in "Old Yeller"?


Fasten your seat belts

USC sold the naming rights for the L.A. Memorial Coliseum to United Airlines.

New to next season's concessions menu: tiny bags of honey-roasted nuts.


More headlines

-At "Cleveland Indians owner admits Chief Wahoo no longer compatible with modern revenue-growth expectations."

-At "James Harrison petitions to have the Eagles play in Steelers uniforms."


Plan B isn't so hot

The Packers didn't bring back a bunch of assistant coaches, including QB coach Alex Van Pelt.

Apparently Van Pelt wasn't quite as brilliant when Aaron Rodgers wasn't playing.


X factors

Among the 10 most amazing aspects of the new XFL, from

-All tackles that are not helmet-to-helmet result in immediate ejection from the game.

-Players who kneel for the anthem will be hit in the back of the head by a metal chair.

-When someone catches the football, it will count as a catch.


History repeats itself

"Who says the Pro Bowl is not like regular-season or playoff games?" writes Janice Hough of "Drew Brees exits with a lead, and defense gives it away."


Dunking for dollars

Players on the winning NBA All-Star team this year will pocket $100,000-double what it was a year ago.

Though they were pushing for $1,000 for every point their team scored.


Quote marks

-Comedy writer Alex Kaseberg, wondering if concussed Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski might have been cleared too soon: "After practice, Gronk asked the blocking dummy for her phone number."

-Former NFL center Matt Birk, to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, on why he keeps his Super Bowl ring in a cabinet above his oven or on his tie rack: "That's the truth. If I hid it somewhere, I'd forget where I hid it."

-Bill Barnwell of, on Washington earning kudos for landing QB Alex Smith after botching the Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins situations: "You shouldn't congratulate a company for doing a great job of cleaning up its own toxic waste spill, though."

-Xander Schauffele, to Golf Digest, why he's still driving the same "scuffed up" Toyota Camry he had well before he won PGA Tour Rookie of the Year: "The lease isn't up yet."

-Jack Finarelli of, on the Jets lacking a franchise QB since the days of Joe Namath: "To put that in perspective, he is 6 months older than I am, and when I was in high school they were able to teach all of World History in 4 days."

-Outfielder Oscar Gamble, who died Wednesday at 78, speaking during his playing days on Yankees clubhouse dysfunction: "They don't think it be like it be, but it do."

-Brad Dickson of the Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald, after remnants of a 2,300-year-old gymnasium were uncovered in Egypt: "CBI executives immediately called to ask, 'Is it available in March?' "

-Ex-Rockies outfielder Larry Walker, to TSN Montreal 690 Radio, complaining that playing in Denver is hurting him with Hall of Fame voters: "No needles went in my ass. I played the game clean, but I played in the ballpark, and it's almost like Coors Field is my PED."

-Warriors coach Steve Kerr, to reporters, after his team committed 20 turnovers in a 30-point loss to the Nuggets: "We work hard to turn the ball over in creative ways. And I thought we were really good at turning the ball over tonight."

-TBS's Conan O'Brien, after North Korea announced it will send a group of citizens called the "cheering squad" to this month's Winter Olympics: "And many of them are expected to actually compete in a new event called the '400-meter defection.' "

-RJ Currie of, on doctors telling Sharks forward Joe Thornton to keep weight off his injured knee: "I'm thinking he could drop 10 pounds just by shaving the beard."


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